Victorinox Oval Diamond Steel


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Avoid cutting mishaps with this sharpening steel and get your restaurant, hotel kitchen, or butcher shop working at peak efficiency and safety so you can produce delicious food day-in and day-out! With just a few simple strokes, this Victorinox sharpening steel will have your knives back in great condition to use in your busy kitchen. To avoid dirt build up, wash this steel regularly in hot sudsy water, drying immediately. The blade features an ultra-fine 100% diamond coating to simultaneously lightly hone and realign a knife’s edge. This makes the sharpening steel perfect for minor sharpening and daily upkeep. This sharpening steel features a sleek, black plastic handle with finger guard for increased safety. Plus, a loose hangtag allows this to hang from a scabbard belt to keep your steel always accessible.

  • Diamond sharpening steel
  • Solid core rod
  • Blade length: 12″
  • Handwash recommended
  • Lifetime warranty