Forged Victorinox Grand Maitre 3″ Turning Knife



The Grand Maitre Shaping Knife from Victorinox provides exceptional quality, perfect balance, and timeless elegance. The shaping knife is your go-to knife for all things decorating and garnishing. It does a wonderful job with all fruits and vegetables.

The shaping knife is forged from a single piece of steel, resulting in a full-tang construction. This allows for a seamless transition from blade to handle. The blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel. It tapers evenly toward the cutting edge for maximum sharpness and edge retention.

The 3-inch shaping knife has a triple rivet, ergonomic, black handle for optimal weight balance and comfort. The synthetic poly-over-molded (POM) handles resist cracking and separation from the blade. The Victorinox Grand Maitre shaping knife has a 3 inch / 8 cm blade. It was proudly made in Switzerland and has a lifetime warranty.