A Real Life Culinary Experience for Your Teen Chef

If you have a teenager that is happiest in the kitchen or has aspirations of becoming a chef, our Teen Chef Programs are a great way to get your child acclimatized to a professional kitchen while teaching them valuable skills under the supervision of our chef instructors. Our well stocked learning kitchen will give them a taste of what it’s like to be a chef. They’ll learn from professionals who will not only be able to show them some of the ropes but who will be able to answer questions they may have about the industry and help to get them ready if the decide to go to culinary school one day. It’s a must for any child who is even considering spending their days in a kitchen.

Explore Our Other Kids Cooking Classes

Our Teen Chef Programs are best suited to kids aged 13 to 17 years old who are considering a career in culinary arts, or would like to hone the skills they have with professional instruction.  Our Summer Camps and March Break Camps are suited to kids aged 8 to 14, who enjoy being in the kitchen. We’ll help them explore, learn and try some new dishes.
  • Free Recipe Book: Each of our summer camps come with a free downloadable recipe book filled with the recipes you’ll be learning in your classes with our chef instructors!