Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? 

We Have Answers. Below you’ll find the most commonly asked questions and a few answers to help you find your way.  If we’re missing something, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Where Do I Find My Recipe Book?

Our recipe books are all online so that you can cook your favourite dishes anytime, anywhere. Our recipe box is located at: After you successfully complete your purchase, we’ll email you a password which gives you access to not only the recipes for your class, but a whole host of other recipes as well.

I Can’t Attend My Class, What Now?

We understand things come up, so we have a generous rescheduling and refund policy in place to handle those tricky situations.  We prepare our classes and buy the ingredients based on the number of people attending, so when you can’t make a class, we can’t always just move you to another, or hand you back a full refund, but we try to keep it fair for everyone.  You can view our full cancellation policy here, but to sum it up:

If there are more than 7 days until your class, you can move to another class of equal or lesser value or receive a 50% refund.  If there is less than 7 days until your class, you can receive a 25% refund and if there’s less than 24 hours notice, unfortunately we can not offer you a refund.

What Should I Bring?

Mostly importantly, bring yourself.  And once you’re ready to go, you should also bring:

  1. Your Printed Tickets (No Phone Tickets, Please)
  2. Non-Slip Closed Toed Shoes (Toes + Fire = Bad News)
  3. Tupperware Containers (Can You Say: Leftovers?!)

Can I Show My Tickets on My Phone?

We love technology, and we also love great record keeping, so please make sure to PRINT your tickets before you arrive.  We can’t accept tickets on phones or tablets at this time.

Can I Buy Classes with Gift Cards?

You Sure Can! Our gift cards are interchangeable with Culinaria. So if you have a gift card and wish to purchase a cooking class with it, go nuts! Just make sure to enter the gift card number at checkout (so we can validate it), and bring the card with you the day of your class (to finish the purchase).

Can You Accommodate Special Diets?

We don’t offer diet specific classes (except for vegetarian cooking) but many of our dishes are naturally diet appropriate for a variety of dietary needs. You’re welcome to join us for the laughs, the wine and the food you feel safe to consume, but if you have a severe allergy, our kitchens do prepare items using wheat, soy, dairy, nuts and shellfish and other allergens.