Have Questions?

Well guess what? We have some Answers!  Below we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about tickets, the kitchen and recipe books! If you can’t find your question, feel free to get in touch!

A New Online Experience!

If you can’t find your recipe book, it’s because we’ve stopped emailing download links!  We’ve upgrade your free recipe experience, with our new online Home Chef Recipe Box! With each class purchase you’ll receive an email (before your event starts) with a login link and password to access all of our recipes online in one place! So keeps your eyes out, and happy cooking!

You’ll Be Missed!

We understand things come up, so we have a generous rescheduling and refund policy in place to handle those tricky situations.  We prepare our classes and buy the ingredients based on the number of people attending, so when you can’t make a class, we can’t always just move you to another, or hand you back a full refund, but we try to keep it fair for everyone.

To Sum it Up: (More Details Below)

  • More Than 7 Days: Move Your Class or Receive a 50% Refund
  • Less Than 7 Days: 25% Refund
  • Less Than 24 Hours: No Refund

Is There More Than a Week Until Your Class?

Maybe you’re going out of town for work, or you won a vacation to a desert island! Whatever the case, If something’s come up and you let us know at least 7 days before you’re scheduled to be in our kitchen, then you can move to another of the same class (Meat Cookery to Meat Cookery, Summer Camp to Summer Camp and so on), as long as there is space available. If you can’t attend the next available class, or you don’t want to reschedule then we offer a 50% refund with at least 7 days notice.

Is it Less Than 7 Days Before Your Class?

Maybe you caught the flu, or your work schedule went haywire, but with less than 7 days notice, we’re often left with an empty chair in the kitchen.  If you can’t make it and you let us know more than 24 hours in advance, but less than 7 days in advance, we’ll issue you a 25% refund, but you won’t be able to move to another class.

If It’s Less Than 24 Hours (Or You Get Lost on the Way)

Maybe your GPS went crazy, or you forgot your best friends dinner party, either way, there will be an empty space in our kitchen (and our broccoli filled hearts) so if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or you just don’t show up at all, we’re sad to say we can’t refund your ticket, nor can you move to another class, but we will look forward to the next time you join us!

Most Importantly, Bring Yourself!

And once you’re ready to go, you should also bring:

  1. Your Printed Tickets (we need to keep the tickets for our files, so please print them off)
  2. Non-slip Closed Toed Shoes (sure, slipping on banana peels looks funny, but it hurts!)
  3. Tupperware Containers (you wouldn’t want to leave without leftovers, would you?)

Mostly, An Appetite!

But they should also bring with them:

  1. Their Printed Tickets (we need to keep the tickets for our files, so please print them off)
  2. Non-slip Closed Toed Shoes (sure, slipping on banana peels looks funny, but it hurts!)
  3. Tupperware Containers (you wouldn’t want them to leave without leftovers!)
  4. They should also have a completed Youth Program Information Package.  If you haven’t filled it out online already, you MUST COMPLETE IT in order for your child to attend any of our programs, and you can do that here.

We’re Sorry, But No.

In the interest of good record keeping, we need to keep the printed copy of your ticket with the class roster.  You MUST bring a printed copy of your ticket with you, which will be kept for our records.

You Sure Can!

Our gift cards are interchangeable with Culinaria. So if you have a gift card and wish to purchase a cooking class with it, go nuts! Just make sure to enter the gift card number at checkout (so we can validate it), and bring the card with you the day of your class (to finish the purchase).

We Don’t Offer Diet Specific Classes…But

We don’t offer diet specific classes (gluten free, vegan, etc) but many of our dishes are naturally diet appropriate for a variety of dietary needs. You’re welcome to join us for the laughs, the wine and the food you feel safe to consume, but if you have a severe allergy, our kitchens do prepare items using wheat, soy, dairy, nuts and shellfish and other allergens.