Foodie Adventure Series

Explore Food Culture

Our Foodie Adventure Series focuses on expanding and developing existing culinary skills by helping students experience and explore food cultures from around the world.  This program focuses on teaching students about native flavours, spices, ingredients, and cooking methods of eight different cultures throughout the series.


During the program students will explore 8 different cuisines, while learning to cook  a minimum of three recipes during each foodie adventure cooking class.

Sicilian Adventures | $130/person
Transport yourself to Italy for an afternoon in this culinary adventure. We’ll work together in the kitchen as we create a traditional Italian meal from scratch, learning techniques and skills as we cook.

A Taste of Thai | $130/person
Together, we’ll cook our way through a Thai themed menu, learning about traditional ingredients, flavour combinations and cooking techniques unique to Thai cuisine.

Greek Cookery | $130/person
The foods of Greece are all about bold and fresh flavours. In this cooking class we explore the culinary nuances and simple flavours, that will help you create authentic feeling Greek dishes at home.

Discover Provence | $130/person
Feel extravagant as you explore Provincial cooking with us in this foodie adventure. We’ll learn about traditional French ingredients, flavours and cooking techniques as we work together to create an authentic provincial meal.

A Tour of Tuscany | $130/person
Tuscan food is known for it’s simplicity, heartiness and often rustic feeling dishes. In this cooking class, we explore the virtue of cooking simply, with a market-fresh or farm to table feeling.

Savour Indian Flavours | $130/person
Immerse yourself in the exotic spices and complex flavours of traditional Indian fare in this Foodie Adventure cooking class. We’ll explore some of the spice combinations responsible for the distinct flavours of Indian cuisine.

Make it Mexican | $130/person
In this class, we’ll discover the spices and fresh ingredients native to Mexican cuisine, while we learn some cooking techniques targeted at creating an authentic Mexican meal.

A Peruvian Experience | $130/person
In this cooking class, we’ll explore the multicultural flavours of traditional  Peruvian cooking.  We’ll learn about traditional meals, flavours and ingredients used in Peru.

Foodie Adventure Series

Upcoming Programs

Foodie Adventures Cooking Class Series | $895/person
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Begins: Wednesday January 10th, 2024
Ends: Wednesday March 6th, 2024

Foodie Adventure Series

Program Highlights

This program is designed to allow students to experience food cultures and cooking techniques from a variety of different regions around the world.

  • 24 Hours of in Kitchen Training Provided
  • Learn About a Broad Range of Ingredients & Techniques
  • Equipment, Aprons & Ingredients to Use During the Class
  • Learn from Our Professional Chef Instructors
  • Experience at Total of 8 Different Cuisines
  • Cook a 3 Course Meal  in Each Class
  • Access to Our Recipe Box with More Than 100 Recipes