All New : Foodie Adveture Cooking Classes

Our all new series: Foodie Adventures, focuses on taking the skills you have and letting you explore and play as you discover a variety of foods from around the world. In each of the classes you’ll learn a little about the food culture, a little about the most common ingredients used, you’ll practice getting your kitchen prepared before you start cooking (Mise en Place) and finally make some dishes from the adventure of the week.  This program is available to you in an 8 class series (which happens Saturday afternoons from 1pm-4pm) or as individual classes, so you can cook as much or as little as you want!  As always each class purchased comes with FREE access to our online recipe box, so you can create your favorite dishes at home!

Explore Our Other Adult Cooking Classes

All of our adult programs are a great way to get out, meet some new people and learn some new skills under the guidance of Professional Chefs.  We offer several different programs for adults, including our Basic Cooking Class series, as well as our Couples Cooking classes.  Join us in our kitchen as we make some culinary magic.