Fermentation & Preservation Series

Learn to Preserve Your Food

This all new cooking class series focusing on teaching you the time honored techniques behind fermenting and preserving your food.  Throughout the program you’ll learn an array of preservation skills including how to make sourdough bread, beer and wine and even homemade vinegar.


During the program students will explore 8 different fermentation and preservation methods, while learning about the history behind each technique.

Fermentation & Preservation Basics | $130/person [ Get Tickets ]
Learn about the safety and basic skills and techniques behind fermenting and preserving your own food.

Picked vs Fermented | $130/person [ Get Tickets ]
What’s the difference between pickling something and fermenting it? In this class we discover the difference and learn some skills to start fermenting.

Kombucha & Vinegar | $130/person [ Get Tickets ]
In this class students will learn how to make not only their own kombucha, but their own vinegar as well.

Miso, Garum, Shoyu | $130/person [ Get Tickets ]
Create delicious umami flavours in your own kitchen.  In this class we learn to make miso, soy sauce and more.

Charcuterie | $130/person [ Get Tickets ]
Learn the time honored tradition of preserving meats like salami and pepperoni in this charcuterie focused class.

Curing & Smoking | $130/person [ Get Tickets ]
From curing and smoking fish to preserving meats, this class will teach you how to preserve meat in your own kitchen.

Bread | $130/person [ Get Tickets ]
Learn to harness the power of wild yeast in this class dedicated to teaching you all about sourdough bread.

Beer & Wine | $130/person [ Get Tickets ]
No fermentation and preservation program would be complete without discussing beer and wine, in this program we not only discuss it, but we’ll create a batch of our own to show you how.

Fermentation & Preservation Series

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Fermentation & Preservation Cooking Class Series

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Fermentation & Preservation Series

Program Highlights

This program is designed to teach students all about fermenting and preserving local and in season foods.

  • 24 Hours of in Kitchen Training Provided
  • Learn About a Broad Range of Ingredients & Techniques
  • Equipment, Aprons & Ingredients to Use During the Class
  • Learn from Our Professional Chef Instructors
  • Learn About 8 Different Preservation Techniques
  • Access to Our Recipe Box with More Than 100 Recipes