Fermentation & Preservation Series

Learn Contemporary Techniques

This all new cooking class series focusing on teaching you some contemporary cooking techniques.  We’ll introduce you to molecular gastronomy, food chemistry, contemporary sauce and foam making and so much more in this 8 class culinary program.


During the program students will explore 8 different contemporary cooking topics, which include:

Food Chemistry | $130/person [ Get Tickets ]
Learn to understand food on a whole other level.  We’ll teach you about PH levels, amino acids, food additives and more.

Sauces & Foams | $130/person [ Get Tickets ]
If you’ve taken our sauce cookery class, you’ve learned some basics, but this class explores the contemporary style of sauces and foams.

Molecular Gastronomy | $130/person [ Get Tickets ]
In this class students are introduced to molecular gastronomy and learn how to play with food on a molecular level.

Sous Vide | $130/person [ Get Tickets ]
Sous Vide creates a texture and tasting experience that can’t be achieved with any other cooking method.  In this class we teach you all about the technique and how to execute it.

Plating & Presentation | $130/person [ Get Tickets ]
Plating is an art form and part of the cooking and dining experience.  In this class we teach you techniques to put together a pretty plate.

Foraging 101 | $130/person [ Get Tickets ]
In this class not only will we take you out and teach you to forage, but we’ll bring you back into the kitchen and show you how to prepare what you find.

Dessert Production | $130/person [ Get Tickets ]
In this class we’ll teach you how to prepare and store homemade desserts, as a special bonus, this class is taught by a Michelin trained guest Chef!

Charcuterie 101 | $130/person [ Get Tickets ]
Learn the time honored tradition of preserving meats like salami and pepperoni in this charcuterie focused class.

Contemporary Cooking Class Series

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Contemporary Cooking Class Series | $895/person
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Begins: Thursday May 4th, 2023
Ends: Thursday June 22nd, 2023

Fermentation & Preservation Series

Program Highlights

This program is designed to teach students a variety of modern and contemporary cooking techniques.

  • 24 Hours of in Kitchen Training Provided
  • Learn About a Broad Range of Ingredients & Techniques
  • Equipment, Aprons & Ingredients to Use During the Class
  • Learn from Our Professional Chef Instructors
  • Learn About 8 Different Preservation Techniques
  • Access to Our Recipe Box with More Than 100 Recipes