Basic Skills Culinary Bootcamp

Up Your Culinary Game

Our 8 week, 8 class Foodie Basic Skills Culinary Bootcamps are designed to help you learn to cook like a professional chef in your own kitchen.  The programs introduce you to culinary essentials like organizing your kitchen and knife skills. You’ll also learn more advanced skills like meat cookery and butchery, making mother sauces or using emulsifiers to make scratch dressings and marinades.


Each Series is comprised of two four-week sections.  The first section being foundational classes, and the second four-weeks focusing on cooking workshops to help you expand your skills.

Mise En Place | $100/person
Learn to organize your kitchen before you cook.  We’ll also teach you basic knife skills and cuts, and so much more.

Salad & Dressings | $110/person
Learn how to make vinaigrettes and emulsions (creamy salad dressing), learn about emulsifiers and learn how to compose a salad.

Breakfast Cookery | $110/person
Learn how to poach the perfect egg, learn to make classic eggs benny and learn to cook some delicious sides!

Starch Cookery | $110/person
Make some fresh pasta dough and cook it to perfection, and learn to make delicious starchy side-dishes .

Sauce Cookery | $110/person
Learn about the 5 French mother sauces and how to add extra ingredients to create your own signature sauce.

Poultry Cookery | $140/person
Explore poultry cooking methods, and learn how to deconstruct a whole chicken.  We’ll also show you some recipes for the leftovers.

Fish Cookery | $140/person
Curious how to avoid overcooking fish? We’ll teach you to cook, clean and filet a whole fish, as well as some additional recipes.

Meat Cookery | $140/person
Learn all about cooking to color, meat cooking methods, butchery and also, some meat forward recipes.

Basic Skills Culinary Bootcamps

Upcoming Series

Foodie Basic Skills Bootcamp | $895/person [ Register ]
(Saturdays 9am-12pm)
Begins: Saturday January 13th, 2024
Ends: Saturday March 2nd, 2024

Basic Skills Culinary Bootcamps

Class Highlights

This program is designed to help you become a better home chef, while teaching you skills and techniques to help you cook and experience food like a professional chef.

  • 24 Hours of in Kitchen Training Provided
  • Equipment, Aprons & Ingredients to Use During the Class
  • Learn from Our Professional Chef Instructors
  • Access to Our Recipe Box with More Than 100 Recipes