Get Your Chef On in Our Adult Cooking Classes!

Treat yourself to a cooking adventure, as you learn from real Chefs in our basic skills cooking classes for adults.  These classes are offered by the series (all 8 classes at a discounted price) or as individual classes.  Each class teaches you a different set of skills that will have you your inner foodie jumping for joy. From Meat Cookery to a Breakfast class, there’s something for every skill you might want to brush up on.  We offer two different options for times; Weekday Evenings & Saturday Mornings to work within your busy schedule.  Each of our classes comes with free access to our online recipe box to help you keep making your amazing creations long after you leave our kitchen!

Explore Our Other Adult Cooking Classes

All of our adult programs are a great way to get out, meet some new people and learn some new skills under the guidance of Professional Chefs.  We offer several different programs for adults, including our Basic Cooking Class series, as well as our Couples Cooking classes.  Join us in our kitchen as we make some culinary magic.